Now I can only speak for my somewhat limited circle of vegans who I know, but it seems we have things like a love for animals, vintage and quirky things, we are fairly crunchy people and we have a deep love for cats. (I also want to insert a disclaimer that ALL of our kitties are rescues. 1 from our first foster fail (Cole,) 1 from Friends of Strays (Zeus,) and 2 from Humane Society of Pinellas (Juno & Charlie.) I am a strong supporter and proponent of adoption. It saves lives and let’s be honest the best breed is Rescued!

Kathy Palatsky is a great blogger who I found via Pinterest and aside from having MANY awesome and delicious recipes she loves kitties.

I have previously blogged about my love for Annie Shannon and of course she too has kitties.

My one close friend who is a vegan is actually the Executive Director of the shelter I volunteer at and she has a host of kitties and doggies at home as well.

My point being, we love our kitties!!! So I thought I would take a minute to introduce you guys to our four legged family.

This silly beauty is Juno Diana. We actually just celebrated her 6th “Got me” day which was 9/14 and our beautiful girl is 6, having been born on 4/6/08 🙂 She is her black and gorgeous. She also is a chatty little thing, silly and a snuggle bug. I love my Junie bear!!

This next guy is Zeus Alexander. Zeus was my Valentine’s Day gift to myself back in 2001. A fun fact is that he was Zelda until I was paying to adopt him and the girl said “you know he is a boy right?” And I said “no, I wanted a girl!” But he had already won my heart and I had waited 3 weeks, visiting him weekly, to make sure we were supposed to be together. Zeus was a HUGE pain when he was “young” and didn’t settle down until he was 7!!! He used to be wild but then he stole my heart and soul and became my soul mate kitty. I adore all of my cats, but Zeus is the guy there when I am sad to cuddle me; when I am sick to lay with me and when I just need love to cuddle me. He is a sweet 13 year old man who I adore and can’t imagine life without. He is still super playful, loving and active. I love my Mr. Juicy!


This little man is Charlie. Charles Spencer, named by his foster mama because he has a mustache like Charlie Chaplin. Charlie Chaplin’s full name was Charles Spencer Chaplin, so we named our boy Charles Spencer. I have a million nicknames but Lolie was the first. A short version of Charlie with a twist…as that “Charlie bit me” video kid was British and if you try an accent you could fudge it to Lolie lol.

Anywho he is a sweet and wild little guy. He reminds me SO much of my Zeus when he was a kitten and young adult but he is definitely a fiesty, playful lover boy who was my hubby’s first cat. While we have 4, Charlie was totally Dave’s decision. But don’t get me wrong. I love my Lolie. Just look at his legs!!!



And last but not least, my Cole Nathaniel Elliot. How how I adore my Cole bear. He was one of 3 kittens that my first foster kitty had in our apartment. And the odds for black cats and kittens in shelters, at the time we adopted him, was so bad that I couldn’t bear to put him through the shelter even though I volunteered there. My pitiful request finally wore Dave down and for Christmas 2009 Cole Nathaniel was my bestest gift. He was always very shy, skittish and generally not friendly (despite being with us since birth,) but all that changed when Ellie was born. Cole kind of loves her. He is super comfortable around her and the only one of our cats who actually lets her pet him and give him “hugs and kisses.” Cole is much more Juno’s cat, as he is usually stuck to her side, sleeping, grooming or snuggling her, than he could ever be mine but I still adore him. My Guacamole Cole!!! (Also he for some reason really doesn’t photograph well, but he is also black with a touch of white on his chest and a white “diaper”)

The first photo is Junie and Cole curled up with Cole in the foreground.