So it’s one thing for most ethical vegans to convert their wardrobe choices and food choices to completely vegan but for vegan women it becomes a different sort of investment to switch your beauty routine over.

I had always tried to purchase “Cruelty Free” but it’s a whole different story when you determine to purchase vegan toiletries.

When I had my beautiful princess baby in June of 2013 one thing that was highlighted for me was dental care. A blogger I read via Pinterest talked about Earthpaste so my hubby did some research and really liked the ingredients as well and we got some. It’s pricey at $7.99 a tube via Amazon or Whole Foods but the lemon flavor was delightful and left my teeth feeling smooth like I’d just been to the dentist.

It doesn’t contain fluoride which is NOT vegan and a big nasty thing maybe or maybe not linked to cancer and other nasty stuff. Well being a mama my girl gets only the best. Organic produce, good food, and vegan toiletries. So I thought sweet we are set. Well my weirdo husband decided his teeth didn’t feel “clean enough” after using it for a few months and gave up.

I was still attempting to finish my giant stash of “garden toothpaste” as my hubby jokingly calls it from Trader Joe’s so that I could make the switch. (I use their Fennel, Myrrh and Propolis toothpaste and personally I love the flavor lol…hubby says it tastes like a garden.)

Enter the glorious Vegan Cuts I had been blessed with 3 months of food boxes for my birthday last year and 3 months of beauty boxes for Christmas. I LOVE that I can eat anything in their snack boxes as its ALL vegan and that the beauty boxes are ALL vegan.

So I have tried and loved some great products because of Vegan Cuts and I think their boxes are very well priced for what you get and every month is a fun treat! Since they’re a company I trust I went looking for toothpaste and found The Dirt Now this is their direct website and I bought via Vegan Cuts and got the powder and copper tongue scraper. I believe it was much less expensive via Vegan Cuts as well.

So my beautifully packaged Dirt arrived and I was anxious to give it a whirl. Now I was only a tiny bit hesitant as it is branded as having cinnamon and orange as flavors. Both of which are flavors I am not fond of. I loved some cinnamon in my homemade apple pie and I love fresh oranges and orange juice but not things flavored with either generally. So just to be clear this isn’t a tooth paste. It is powder and you wet your toothbrush to get it on there and then brush as usual.

I have to say I really really enjoyed the flavor. It was really good. The thing that made me laugh, and this could have just been because I am somewhat obsessed with The Walking Dead at the moment, but I didn’t quite realize I had to spit and it kind of ran out of my mouth. And yes, it literally looked like I was eating dirt. So I played out the awesome zombie moment.

I have been using my Dirt paste ever since I received it and I love the way my teeth feel. I have receding gums from grinding my teeth and the exposed roots are extremely sensitive. I have noticed a big difference in my teeth not being sensitive at all. So my reviews for The Dirt is buy it. It’s yummiest tasting and leaves your teeth feeling like they’ve just been cleaned by the dentist except without any chemicals or anything unnatural. I’ll let you know if the promise of the jar lasting 6 months is accurate. Hubster and I are currently sharing it so by my guesstimate it should run out sometime mid to late December.

Check it out! If you’ve got a dirty mouth, clean it up with The Dirt!