Well you guys know me as Marti or Martina depending on when in life you met me. Martina for PD or Pre-Dave or Marti for AD as in After Dave.

I am a bit odd, have a wickedly strange sense of humor (this illustrates me perfectly!)


and I am a woman who prides herself in being a contradiction in terms.

Since having my beautiful daughter Ellie on 6/25/13 my life could not be more different. I’ve always been into tattoos, piercings and rock music so a vegan lifestyle wasn’t much farther to stretch as many of those who are vegans are already tattooed rockers! (And I think that’s all awesome!!) But I also first and foremost love Jesus. I am totally and ridiculously in love with Jesus. He is pretty much the awesome-est ness of my life. I am nothing without His love. So for many “religious” people I don’t look like a typical Jesus freak per se but I guess I am not anything typical.

The Jesus I know, love and follow is a lover. He is a lover of this planet and ALL of it’s people. Fundamentally speaking I believe in Jesus, His death and resurrection as well as the Father and the Holy Spirit who lives and breathes in all believers. I believe in miracles, in passionate love for our fellow man and in life abundant. My church and family are the most amazing people I know they’ve loved me into wholeness without allowing me to keep the dysfunctions that held me back.

So Jesus is #1. These two are my number 2:


That’s my totally handsome and wickedly funny best friend and hubby Dave and my beautiful girl Ellie

As I said my life totally changed when she was born. No, I take it back, before she was born it totally changed. When I got pregnant I became this green and crunchy hippy that I never knew existed. I did a home water birth without any drugs and breastfed exclusively for the first year. Now we eat loads of yummie organic foods together and she still breastfeeds up to 6 times a day if she needs me. I also went from a drug toting gal to being all homeopathic and we use EO’s and homeopathic medicines instead of “drugs.” So I don’t take Advil, Aleve, Tylenol even. They, being everyone, told me “oh you can take Tylenol while you’re pregnant” I said nah…I’ll pass.

So crunchy green mama me emerged.

I also finished a back piece since becoming a mom, re-pierced my nose and am planning my eyebrow to be done as well as a large arm (upper) piece to represent my daughter.

I have struggled in my walk thinking that God doesn’t hear me or love me. But then look back on my dreams, and His promises fulfilled: I got my VW Tiguan with the exact colors and features I wanted (thank you Lord!) and I got to be a full time stay at home mom. So I know that despite the struggles, God is good and He loves me.

I have become even closer to some friends, I LOVE you Stacey, Amy, Lauren & Sarah, and drifted away from those who I thought would support me in my transition to motherhood.

I have moved from the house we birthed Ellie in, to a townhouse in a true family neighborhood.

And I’ve become even more in love with veganism, and vegetables to be specific. Briefly off topic, Ellie loves beets, yellow beets to be exact, and I have found myself really liking them as well!! There are no veggies I don’t like. At least not off hand. I don’t like ANY melons. I also don’t like pears. Ellie, however, devours about a pear each day. She eats kale, spinach, garlic, hummus, spicy foods, beans, taters, and every fruit we have ever given her.

So I am a contradiction in terms of sorts. A tattooed, pierced, rocker mama who loves the “spirit of the south” in that I love the kindness and ease that is associated with it but I hate heat and humidity. I am drawn to Portland. The land of veganism, crunchy non-vax parents and hippies. That’s where this power packed Jesus worshipper wants to land! Oh and did I mention that my dream is to be a worship leader for Jesus?! So you can find me shouting His praises listening to Bethel Music with Ellie. And the same day, rocking out to Godsmack on the Elliptical machine.

Just because I “look” a certain way doesn’t mean I’m not a kind, compassionate, loving hippy on the inside. I love to read James Patterson, Bill Johnson, Danny Silk (who writes THE best books on parenting & relationships,) Banning Liebshcher, Kris Vallotton and more. I also love me some killer rock music: old stuff like Tool & AC/DC, Metallica, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Whitesnake, and newer rock like Three Days Grace, The Pretty Reckless, Godsmack, Rob Zombie, Linkin Park…

Then you’ll also catch me blaring Keith Urban, Rascall Flats, The Zac Brown Band, Tim McGraw, Taylor Swift, The Band Perry, Lady Antebellum and more. And on occasion I’ll rock out some pop…mostly dance or techno since it’s good to blast driving alone or at the gym on the elliptical.

So in essence I love Jesus, Dave, Ellie, my friends, my kitties, pitbulls (which I intend to adopt some oldies sooner rather than later), tattoos, rock and country and all things beautiful. Peonies, pink, tulle and being a girl. Cold weather days and snuggles under a warm blanket nights, sweater (or in my case hoodie) weather, gloves, boots and jeans that fit just right. I love a Florida spring day and the feeling of falling asleep in the August sun. I love Portland and rain showers, Hunter boots and puddles. I love the teachings of my amazing Pastor Terri Dieter, Bill Johnson, Kris Vallotton, Steve Hale, Scott Thompson and Todd White. I love Bethel Church and Music and what they’ve done to advance God’s kingdom. I love rock and country and dancing. I love Jenn Johnson, the way she worships and her powerful voice. I love my British husband and family, my dual citizen Ellie Grace. I love my baby’s smiles and giggles and how she lights up every room she enters. Because her name means “beautiful woman, bringer of light” and she does bring light wherever she goes. I love that I’m not like anyone I know but I can relate to a lot of people. I love that I am weird and unique and a wife, mother, daughter and friend. I love being vegan and not doing harm to animals in living the lifestyle I have chosen. I love that Ellie will be raised this way. There is way too much to feel blessed about than not. I am one heck of a lucky woman and am blessed to have a beautiful healthy family and a relationship with God. I. Am. Truly. Blessed.

Sorry folks no exciting food chat here!! Just a bit about what makes me fun and makes me uniquely me.

Now, about me and my “bad movie” choices. My husband and one of my besties, Amy, told me that I have horrible choices in movies. Let me first preface this with I am vegan, I value life, human and animal and take no pleasure in seeing the pain of this world as God never intended us to be full of this much pain. Now, I LOVE what we have affectionately begun calling “MDK” or murder, death, kill movies. To me, some classics are Kiss the Girls, Along Came a Spider, (yes I love the Alex Cross series by James Patterson…I devour those books,) ANY and all Die Hard movies, The Expendables franchise as well as the Machete franchise. I like cop shows (Flashpoint, Blue Bloods, Criminal Minds, Rookie Blue) and stuff like The Fall, The Killing, Durham County, Medium, etc. I swear I’m a normal human though as I have binge watched both Lost & Grey’s Anatomy this year the entire series (and Grey’s to current.) But I don’t typically like what I feel “artsy fartsy” movies. For example I HATED Black Swan. I found it depressing and sad and plain old stupid and weird. But ANY movie listed above I would watch a hundred times over.

Not to mention my favorite all time movie Armageddon. Yes I saw it because of Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck originally but I LOVE Michael Bay films as well. I love that movie SO much that I know most every line. I watch it at least once a year if not more.

I told my hubby that it’s not so much that I don’t like critically acclaimed movies as I don’t like to have to think when watching a film or TV. Heck Alfred Hitchcock had some amazing and horrifying films. I love those. But give me Murder She Wrote, Perry Mason or Matlock as a kid and I was in heaven. I like happy endings all tied up with a bow. I like my heroine and hero to have their happy ending and the bad guy to get what’s coming. Call me simple but if I want to think or be challenged I read.

James Patterson is my go to guy for books to read at the gym. Because I can read about 1 book every week and be enthralled while I work out. I save my thinking books by authors like Bill Johnson, Kris Vallotton, Oswald Chambers, C.S. Lewis, etc for home reading. But I believe TV and movies are for entertainment. So entertain me!!

When I reviewed the Earth Balance Mac n Cheese I said I had a bad movie to watch. Well I personally loved it and will likely watch it again but my hubby would have hated it. I watched “Redemption” with Jason Statham. And I enjoy him (visually and his acting) and have seen nearly all of his movies since seeing him in the first Expendables movie.

Redemption was the perfect Mac n Cheese, night alone and “me time” film. Perfect happy ending all tied up with a pretty bow. All I needed to be happy!!

Do you love artsy fartsy films or are you a bad movie buff too??