So I have had some desire for “comfort foods” lately. I remember loving those Morton Fish sticks and filets and of course the horribly bad for you “fish and chips” as you might find at any Florida seafood restaurant.

Part of what makes those filets so darn good is the delish crispy and flaky crust as well as the way the fish kind of flakes when you cut it open with your fork. I totally wanted to try Gardein’s Golden Fishless Fish Filets because hey let’s face it if anyone can do it Chef Tal & his team are the ones that will!

I have to say the filets did NOT disappoint. While they aren’t as flaky as I recall fish being they flake very nicely and give the same visual appeal. The batter is crispy and not heavy. Absolutely perfect if you’re trying to go for a vegan fish n’chips! I used some of my Earth Balance Mindful Mayo and mixed in a bit of spicy mustard (I used Koop’s Horseradish mustard) and some horseradish as my “tartar sauce” and then proceeded to devour these yummie treats.

If you need a treat this will not disappoint you!

Go grab some and enjoy!

So…I had a hankering to try Gardein’s “meat loaf” when I saw it in the freezer section. Now I have to say I made a wicked good meat loaf when I wasn’t vegan. With brown gravy and onions and it was phenomenal so I had that memory to contend with.

As soon as we put it in the pan to cook and it started heating up I smelled the familiar aroma of a meatloaf. This kind of brought me back because the smell reminded me of being a kid and my mom’s meatloaf. I know it’s no fancy meal but meatloaf and mashed potatoes was always a favorite meal when I was a kid. And when I was 11 it was the first full meal I ever made and I cooked for our extended family for my mom’s 40th birthday.

Now between memories and pure enjoyment Gardein had a whole lot to contend with. The smell hit the spot and had me waiting very impatiently to devour my meatloaf.

As soon as it was served up the smell and texture when I cut into it were just as I remembered. So the final test was gravy and the taste. Now on a scale of 1-10 I would give this meatloaf a 9. It would be a perfect 10 for me without celery. I have this WEIRD aversion to celery that I literally hate it so intensely I rarely eat anything if it shows it in the ingredients. However, every bite didn’t have celery and once I was made aware I completely removed any remnant of celery before I ate any more. I know this sounds mental but you truly cannot comprehend my disgust for celery.

So I applaud Gardein for a job WELL done and highly recommend this product to anyone who misses Mama’s yummie meatloaf. I will say this isn’t meatloaf as some friends I knew growing up ate it: with ketchup and red sauce. This is good old authentic meatloaf and it is well spent money and a fast meal to fix! Next time I might throw a side of Earth Balance Mac n’Cheese onto the plate to really get nostalgic!

I shamefully admit to devouring my meatloaf prior to taking a photo to document the beauty and deliciousness but I promise to do so ASAP as we will absolutely have this again!