Oh Earth Balance why do you make me love you so very much?!

What’s a better night then a night at home to watch crappy movies (well good movies in my opinion, however, the movie review will secede the product review,) eat some vegan and cruelty free Mac n Cheese and have a beer or two?! Not to mention a night alone. And by alone I of course mean a sleeping baby upstairs, and four cats sprawled out on my lap.

So as any good vegan mama would do I tucked in my precious girl and headed downstairs to make some nommie Mac n Cheese brought to vegans and lactose intolerant worldwide by the lovely folks at Earth Balance. (Who may I add make my favorite “butter,” and I have officially switched to their “mayo” after a CRAZY sale price offer I couldn’t refuse and now they make my favorite Mac n Cheese!!!) I popped open a Kona Golden Ale which is also made lovingly vegan. And may I add a super light and slightly sweet perfect summer time beer! Then I set to work on my Mac n Cheese.

First off it is AS easy to make as that blue box junk made by the non-vegan company (who I really hate now with their “kale is nasty and needs fatty death laden ranch dressing to taste good campaign” Kale is my favorite veggie. Who needs nasty ranch on it?! But I digress.) It was box to bowl in about 20-25 mins as it took mine the full 12 minutes to cook and of course you’ve got to add time to boil in. Then you add the magical “buttery spread” and I used Whole Foods organic unsweetened almond milk as my milk. The consistency is NAILED as the Mac n Cheese I remember. The taste is super nice.

Now I’ve been vegan for 5 years so my taste buds have had a chance to reset and I don’t really even eat cheese except the occasional Daiya grilled cheese when I need comfort food and my monthly treat of Kite Hill White Alder which I would eat every single day by the pound if it weren’t for the price, which this stay at home mama can’t swing! SO for me to love this stuff says a lot. I love Daiya melted on a pizza every now and then or a grilled cheese, like I mentioned but I don’t “crave” cheese.

This Mac n Cheese may have changed ALL that. Wow is it a tasty treat and the $2.99/box price tag was a gasp for me as I expected it to cost far more. So for creamy, dreamy, Mac n cheesy look no further. I have only tried the white cheddar as the regular was out but I will review the regular once I’ve had it.

I tasted a few spoonfuls of it in the “natural” state then kicked it up a bit more gourmet and added about 1/8 cup Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Wing Sauce and two Dorot Garlic cubes and I had some killer Marti-style Mac n Cheese!!!! Which ironically made the color look super similar to that non-vegan brand!


The “sausage” next to it is one of my favorite treats and is Tofurky Italian Sausage with sundried tomato Truly delish. And I always dip my sausage in Koops Horseradish Mustard

This dinner proved to be every bit worth the wait for my solo night.

Dear owners of Kite Hill Nut Milk Cheeses,

Can I please have you adopt me as your own? I realize this could be an inconvenience as I am married and have a baby and 4 cats but you happen to make THE most delicious Brie like cheese I have ever eaten.

I haven’t had Brie in at least 4 years since I became vegan. Even when I ate cheese it was maybe 2-3 times a year that I would treat myself to it. But I spent the $13.99 for the little wheel of White Alder and had great anticipation.

To say I LOVE your cheese is an understatement. I LOVE this cheese. It’s like crack, and no I haven’t ever had it but it’s like really good sex, shoot I don’t want to get obscene but I can’t tell you in appropriate words how much I love this cheese.

I actually allow myself one wheel per month lol. The first week of every month I buy myself some at Whole Foods. I allow myself to indulge and I eat it on the original Ezekial Bread (the orange loaf) with a light spread of Earth Balance Buttery Spread and a light spread of White Alder. Then I add on the side 4 pieces of LightLife Smart Bacon and I could literally go to heaven in a bite.

I am not sure how you have nailed the texture of the “outer crust” of the dairy brie, but you did. I’m not sure how you made the middle creamy and soft and slightly sticky like dairy Brie, but you did.

I am not sure how you have created a vegan masterpiece or why you can’t make it multiply when I open my fridge to find one more packet but I love your cheese. I do. If I could marry a cheese this would be “the one.” My cheesy soul mate.

This is the cheese that you “wait” until you get married for. Daiya is the good time cheese, the trusty one. The one you bring home to meet your parents. But Kite Hill White Alder Cheese…you ARE Prince Charming. White horse, Ferrari, mansion, pool, piles of money…satin sheets…yes. You ARE the one.

So, in closing, would you be MINE and mine alone? Seduce me with your slightly savory, oh so creamy, perfectly textured amazingly flavored cheese. Never leave me. Just promise you can stay. Forever. Oh how I love you!


Please know, Kite Hill has in no way paid me to stalk, endorse or love them the way I do. I’m just obsessed. And please don’t get a restraining order. Because I can’t love without this cheese!!!

My cruddy iPhone pics of Kite Hill’s beautifully designed package: