Sorry folks no exciting food chat here!! Just a bit about what makes me fun and makes me uniquely me.

Now, about me and my “bad movie” choices. My husband and one of my besties, Amy, told me that I have horrible choices in movies. Let me first preface this with I am vegan, I value life, human and animal and take no pleasure in seeing the pain of this world as God never intended us to be full of this much pain. Now, I LOVE what we have affectionately begun calling “MDK” or murder, death, kill movies. To me, some classics are Kiss the Girls, Along Came a Spider, (yes I love the Alex Cross series by James Patterson…I devour those books,) ANY and all Die Hard movies, The Expendables franchise as well as the Machete franchise. I like cop shows (Flashpoint, Blue Bloods, Criminal Minds, Rookie Blue) and stuff like The Fall, The Killing, Durham County, Medium, etc. I swear I’m a normal human though as I have binge watched both Lost & Grey’s Anatomy this year the entire series (and Grey’s to current.) But I don’t typically like what I feel “artsy fartsy” movies. For example I HATED Black Swan. I found it depressing and sad and plain old stupid and weird. But ANY movie listed above I would watch a hundred times over.

Not to mention my favorite all time movie Armageddon. Yes I saw it because of Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck originally but I LOVE Michael Bay films as well. I love that movie SO much that I know most every line. I watch it at least once a year if not more.

I told my hubby that it’s not so much that I don’t like critically acclaimed movies as I don’t like to have to think when watching a film or TV. Heck Alfred Hitchcock had some amazing and horrifying films. I love those. But give me Murder She Wrote, Perry Mason or Matlock as a kid and I was in heaven. I like happy endings all tied up with a bow. I like my heroine and hero to have their happy ending and the bad guy to get what’s coming. Call me simple but if I want to think or be challenged I read.

James Patterson is my go to guy for books to read at the gym. Because I can read about 1 book every week and be enthralled while I work out. I save my thinking books by authors like Bill Johnson, Kris Vallotton, Oswald Chambers, C.S. Lewis, etc for home reading. But I believe TV and movies are for entertainment. So entertain me!!

When I reviewed the Earth Balance Mac n Cheese I said I had a bad movie to watch. Well I personally loved it and will likely watch it again but my hubby would have hated it. I watched “Redemption” with Jason Statham. And I enjoy him (visually and his acting) and have seen nearly all of his movies since seeing him in the first Expendables movie.

Redemption was the perfect Mac n Cheese, night alone and “me time” film. Perfect happy ending all tied up with a pretty bow. All I needed to be happy!!

Do you love artsy fartsy films or are you a bad movie buff too??