About Me

I am a crazy southern girl who used to die to eat another piece of cheese…or chocolate and now wouldn’t give it a second thought!  Being vegan, for me, was a goal that I set to accomplish by my 35th birthday.  I was going to make a statement and go vegan for my birthday.  And I honestly didn’t see how I could do it.  Then on July 3, 2009 I was reading Skinny Bitch and read the stories of animals in factory farms.  We were on the way to our favorite sushi place and I was excited to get some yummie fish sushi.  When we were almost there I was reading some of the grossest, and most graphic stories.  I nearly had to throw up on the way out to eat.  Needless to say, I ordered veggie sushi and an avocado roll…with some edamame.  I became  a vegan in an instant. 

For so many people I meet, they say, oh gosh you can’t eat ANYTHING.  I find that so amusing, because there is actually SO MUCH that I can eat.  I have always been a huge fan of beans, and haven’t found a bean I don’t like yet!  (I guess they are my new cheese lol) and I love to cook.  I don’t think you have to love cooking to be a vegan, but I can honestly say it sure doesn’t hurt!  The rich vastness of fruits and vegetables out there to eat are just waiting to be tasted without animal products and huge amounts of fat and cholesterol.  While you can be a vegan and still be unhealthy by eating tons of ‘junk foods’ you can also be a plant strong vegan and eat only whole foods and a plant based diet.  I love the Engine 2 diet but I still like my junk food every once in a while.  So about 70% of the time I try to eat plant strong, and the other 30 I might grab ice ‘cream’ (my favorites are Lil’ Dreamers by Almond Dream’ ice cream bars) or some baked potato chips by Michael’s chips.  But you’d likely find me eating some of my favorite meals like Quiche with Greens or anything to do with Kale…yes it’s my addiction and love <3 I LOVE YOU KALE!!

I initially wanted to be a vegan because I am absolutely 100% against animal cruelty in any form, but my veganism actually helps my planet be greener, and will help me live longer and be healthier.  I have more energy, I have better skin, and I am much healthier and happier since I kicked ‘death’ to the curb.  You are what you eat my friend, so put some life into your body!  Give it nutrition and nourishment.  Not just crap…which is exactly what 99% of the food out there is.  Read labels, learn, educate yourself.  Read books like Skinny Bitch, Engine 2 and Meat is for Pussies.  Really learn about what you’re consuming.  And live a healthier life.  You only have 1 life, you might as well make it count!