Easter Delights

So there was this yummie vegan breakfast sandwich on Pinterest that I found ages ago…and eat constantly now because my hubby makes it SO good!!! You take tofu and cut two slices and coat them with nutritional yeast, turmeric, garlic and then just lightly pan fry them. In between the slices you put cheese, some kind of Daiya is my preference. For Easter I used the Havarti with jalapeño in it. Mmmmmm…it is GOOD! And also in between the slices, 2 pieces of Yves Canadian “Bacon” also lightly pan fried. Smack it all together and you can put it in between two slices of toast, a pita, a bagel (as I did on Easter) and I usually just use Ezekial Bread and lightly butter the slices. Easter was “brunch” so I used a bagel and put on some “cream cheese” and chives by Galaxy Nutritional food brand. That is my favorite “cream cheese” since I have become vegan. Absolutely wonderful!!!

Dinner time was also awesome food time. We made ciabatta sandwiches with Field Roast Grain Meat Company’s Celebration Field Roast slices. Tossed a bit of Koop’s spicy horseradish mustard and Vegenaise on the ciabatta and it was miraculously delish! We had a side of pasta salad, which was made with whole grain pasta elbows, red, yellow and orange baby bell peppers, cilantro, green onions, some Vegenaise and again, Koop’s spicy horseradish mustard. I didn’t use any vinegar, but we did leave it to ‘sit/soak’ in the fridge overnight as it was and it was absolutely wonderful. My husband, who didn’t even want ‘pasta salad’ loved it. And then we had it for lunch for the next two days with different Gardein chick’n as sides. Easy, affordable and delicious!

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