Date night for Mommy, Munchkin and Charlie

There is something about vegans, cats and cuddles…and Daiya cheese and pizza. Amy’s Margarita with Daiya cheese was always my favorite vegan pizza ever since that came out. My default is and has always been Amy’s Roasted Veggie pizza…no cheese.

My hubby went to the theatre with my Mom because I can’t sit still that long anymore and because I am 33 weeks pregnant and it is super uncomfortable for me. So I was left to my own devices for a few hours and had to get dinner, and have a fun Sunday night. I went to Earth Origins, because they are the closest store that has multiple vegan options for dinner. I intended to get a yummie kale type salad fresh from their ‘fresh bar’ but they had already started putting that all away, and there was really only frozen options available. I started at the far end of the cooler, and saw a “Vegan Harvest Flatbread Pizza.” I thought hmmmm…what is this?! I didn’t know anyone but Amy’s and Tofurkey made vegan pizza!!! YAY!! Who is excited now?! This flatbread pizza seemed pretty plain, with herbs and spices in a tomato/marinara sauce and topped with Daiya. The entire pizza was only 520 calories AND it had a $1 off coupon. Being that it was $9.19 I used the coupon and justified my date night with myself as the excuse for the expensive pizza J

It was WELL worth the $8.19. WELL worth it. It was JUST enough to make me totally full, as a pregnant lady, and I made 8 small slices with my pizza slicer. We always use our pizza stone from Sur la Table, with breads and pizzas, that way the bottom and crust get nice and crispy. What impressed me about this pizza versus Amy’s was the taste of the sauce, the seasoning was really nice, didn’t need ANYTHING added. Then the crust was crispy, but still moist and it tasted SO incredibly cheesy. It was awesome. Just awesome. I think I have a new favorite pizza!!! So YAY for Vegan Harvest Flatbread Pizza. DELICIOUS and I WILL be having it many more times!!

After my yummie pizza my daughter did a celebratory dance and we had the wave going on in my belly. Charlie, our kitten (well, he is still small and skinny and not yet a year, though he is only a month away from being 1!) was snuggled up on my belly. The funny thing was as much movement as she made, Charlie didn’t move. He passed out…was sound asleep and his head kept bobbing up and down. It was SO adorable. We had snuggles and purrs and wonderful pizza. A great night by all counts!! (Especially since Charlie is “Daddy’s boy” who always chooses daddy over me!)

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