So a few weeks ago, we went to brunch at a really amazing little Café in Ozona, FL called Café Ohana. I ordered this Quinoa bowl with brown rice, quinoa, black beans, a Hawaiian tomato salsa like yumminess, and avocados.

Well, we were short on time, and long on hungry so we tried to recreate it. Well, we did recreate it, but we made the Clements’ version! Jasmine rice, quinoa, black beans, mixed vegetables, and garlic roasted tofu. Mmmmmmmmm…SO incredibly delicious! 31.5 grams of plant based protein if you do it this way, and so full of flavor!

The garlic roasted tofu is reason enough to want to eat this at least once a week. I have found that every vegan has their ‘go to’ ingredient. Ours is garlic. Annie Shannon (my vegan superhero idol) of is liquid smoke  Kind of like the one ingredient you will absolutely find in every one of our recipes…(I don’t bake with it so don’t worry! And Annie doesn’t bake with liquid smoke!) So to make garlic roasted tofu, just visit here and you can recreate this fabulous protein rich lunch, dinner OR even breakfast!

Quinoa, Rice, Avocado and Black Bean bowl

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