Garlic Roasted Tofu

Begin with a block of your favorite firm or extra firm tattoo. While it is still a single block, use a towel to drain as much water as possible out of the tofu as you can. Then you will want to cube the tofu into bite sized cubes. Next step is to create an “envelope” of baking foil if you will, to bake the tofu in. You want to put the tofu in, and drizzle it with your favorite oil. We use either olive or safflower. Just use enough to lightly coat the tofu, maybe 2 tbsp at most. And then we take Frontier organic garlic powder and coat the tofu in it. Now I am a HUGE garlic fan…we put garlic in pretty much everything we cook (nothing we bake mind you) but EVERYTHING. If you like garlic on a mild scale, don’t use this brand of garlic powder. It is HIGHLY potent powder, so you can either use half of what we do, or use a different brand. We use about 3 tbsp of the Frontier brand…and wow does this stuff kick butt with garlic! The entire house smells like garlic…no joke, but for me it’s heaven. Vampires might not desire to be present, so if you don’t like them like I don’t like them…pour it on!! We then toss the garlic powder in, drizzle some Bragg’s over the top and sprinkle everything with nooch. Then we put it in the oven for about 45 minutes at 425 and ta-da! Garlic Roasted tofu! And it’s heaven for me! I hope you enjoy!

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