Avocado Jalepeno Grilled Cheese Sandwich

So I found this Avocado Jalepeno Grilled Cheese sandwich on Pinterest and I was totally craving it the minute I saw it. Though we didn’t have thick crusty bread, or jalepenos, we DID have the Daiya Havarti wedge…with jalepeno in it. And some Ezekial Bran for Life bread. To me ANYTIME is a good time to have Ezekial bread. It is hearty and filling and loaded with great nutrition for me and my baby.

This sandwich became a total improvisation since we didn’t have the ‘meat’ they suggested either. BUT I used the Daiya Havarti wedge as well as the cheddar shreds and I had ‘meatless deli turkey slices’ from Yves and of course we always have avocado so I threw on some ‘butter’ to my Ezekiel bread, slapped on two slices on each side of the ‘turkey’ and sliced the avocado on top of the ‘turkey’ and then sliced up the wedge & put on the cheddar shreds. Then I threw it all on the George Forman Grill. I think it is pretty funny that originally the grill’s purpose was for meats, chicken, sausages, etc. NOW that I am vegan, I LOVE using it as Panini press! It makes sandwiches hot and melty and delicious!

This Avocado Jalepeno Grilled Cheese sure did not let down. Absolutely delicious! I might have to try the recipe ‘as-is’ next time to see what the pin was all about, but this was definitely delightful and easy!

Avocado Jalapeno Grilled Cheese Sandwich

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