The Wine Exchange Hyde Park Review

I am a fan of wine, but never really ate a meal at The Wine Exchange in Hyde Park because it appeared the only thing ‘vegan’ on their menu was the pita & hummus appetizer.  I planned to enjoy that with some wine on a date with my hubby.  Well our server was absolutely amazing, and I totally apologize because I can’t remember her name, but told me that most items on the menu they can veganize for me.  I ordered a pasta dish I used to eat as a non-vegan called the “Neopolitan” that has: mushrooms, sun dried tomatos, black olives, walnuts & artichoke hearts in pesto olive oil sauce tossed with fussili and topped with ricotta.  Instead, our server took out the olives, ricotta, and pesto olive oil & added some portabello mushrooms for me, everything sauteed in light olive oil & garlic.  Oh my gosh it was TO DIE for.  SO incredibly good.   I am a huge garlic lover, so I told them to not hold back.  And they didn’t.  The dish was delectable, beautifully colored between the tri-color pasta, tomatoes, walnuts, artichoke hearts and portabello and so hit the spot.  I was also very excited to know that the Wine Exchange would go out of their way to accomodate a vegan eater.  That is also top notch in my book. 

Not only did I dine on some very fine wine and very much enjoyed the recommendations of the server, we then had fresh mango sorbet for dessert which was presented so beautifully and was absolutely delightful.  Sweet, but not overbearing, and the mango chunks inside were a treat to me as I ADORE mango!

If you’re a vegan, or wine lover, or both, and are in the Tampa Bay area, I highly recommend the Wine Exchange in Hyde Park you will not leave disappointed!  Thank you so much for your hospitality and food to the staff and kitchen of the restaurant!  Now on to the beautiful photos!  (taken with Hipstamatic for iPhone4)

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