Mexi-Shells via

So, Annie Shannon in my opinion needs a cape, a superwoman costume…something.  Because she is like a vegan superhero.  Annie is THE real deal.  She veganized the Betty Crocker cookbook for goodness sake!  Anyhow…whenever we’re having mega-meat eaters over for dinner, we always go with a recipe courtesy of the vegan goddess Annie Shannon.  I am just going to start calling her Super Annie from now on…or Super A!  Anywho…we perused the Meet the Shannons website and found ‘Mexi-Shells’ so we only changed the liquid smoke…and removed.  Oh, and we had to use Field Roast Grain Company sausage (and that is NOT a bad thing!) Mexican Chipolte flavor.  We topped with fresh cilantro…and as you can see from my photo, I LOVE cilantro.  I actually used ‘Culantro’ because we have it in our garden.  And if it’s fresh, free & organic that sounds delish to me!!!  We also topped with loads of yummie Daiya cheddar, mozzerella and Galaxy Nutritional Parmeasan.  If you think by the photos below that it looks good, oh just multiply that goodness by a hundred and that is what we all thought of it.  Plates were empty and there were no Mexi-Shells to be saved.  Dinner was a raving success thanks to the genius of Super A!!

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