Hungry Tiger Too…

Hungry Tiger Too left me feeling well, hungry and unsatisfied.  I am all about second chances, and because this place was recommended to me by QuarryGirl I will definitely try it again during my next visit to Portland.  We arrived slightly before 7pm, and outside service ends at 7pm.  It was a warmer day, and inside was unquestionably too warm for us.  SO we decided to get takeout.  Mind you, it was a 15 minute ride back to our hotel, so everything was pretty cool and soggy by the time we got back to the hotel.  THAT said, I found the food just okay.  There was nothing exceptional about the flavor or taste and I thought the prices were high for what you got.  Having eaten at places like Prasad and Blossoming Lotus I was really disappointed.   AGAIN, I said we will try it next time we’re in PDX AND dine in because QuarryGirl said it’s one of her favorites. 

I ordered Biscuits & Gravy with vegan sausage patties on the side.  For $6 I got the picture below of 2 biscuits (they are cut in half so you see 4…) and the sausage patties were literally two tiny patties for $3.  Maybe it’s because I am from the south, and I know what Biscuits & Gravy should taste like as I ate it OFTEN at Cracker Barrel when I was not vegan.  And these were a far cry from real biscuits & gravy.  Not enough pepper in the gravy, the sausage wasn’t spicy enough and the biscuits were really dough heavy instead of fluffy.  I am no restaurant owner, but I could have done a WAY better job on these myself.  In fact, we do our own biscuits, thanks to a recipe from Annie Shannon which  is identical to the Red Lobster ‘Cheesy’ Biscuits.  We use those, make our own sausage gravy and any southerner would appreciate our dish.  TRUE biscuits & gravy.  LOADED with sausage and quality fluffy biscuits.  BIG thumbs down there. 

My hubby ordered the Cougar Club, which was firm local tofu, tempheh bacon, vegan cheese sauce, jalepeno with lettuce, tomato and onion on a Kaiser roll.  That was $9.75 and he got a side of fries with it.  That was pretty good.  I will definitely try that again as we microwaved it and it was good, but I bet fresh at the restaurant it would actually be pretty darn good. 

I was told on day 1 to skip Hungry Tiger Too and I probably could have, but I will give it another shot when we are next in PDX.  But if you’re a true southerner like me…from the ‘deep south,’ skip the biscuits and gravy because you’ll just be sad afterwards!!!

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