Oh vegan pizza how I love you.  I have to be honest, there is only ONE place in the local area I can go for Vegan pizza.  When I was in Portland, OR…Sizzle Pie Pizza  is not only everywhere, but they do vegan pizza by the slice OR made to order. Whoa.  Happy times for me!!!

My hubby was starving so he ordered the by the slice option.  I chose to be adventurous and order a made to order personal pizza.   Yes please!  My hubby got ‘Spiral Tap’ which is carmelized onion spread, house marinara, red sauce and a dusting of nutritional yeast.  And he also got ‘Bad Reputation’ which is Daiya Mozzerella cheese, mushroom, onion and black olives and a slice of ‘Thunder and Lightning’ which is Daiya Mozzerella cheese, and pepperoni (vegan of course.) 

I was feeling adventurous so I ordered a vegan pizza with: Daiya Mozzerella vegan pepperoni, vegan seitan chorizo, crushed garlic and jalepeno.  Oh baby was it good.  I enjoyed mine far more than my hubby’s slices, but his were quite nice as well.

He loved all three of his.  No complaints whatsoever. 

Because we loved Sizzle Pie Pizza SO much  we decided to head back again during our trip.  This time I had the ‘Spiral Tap’ slice and a slice of ‘Vegan Angel of Doom’ which is Daiya Mozzerella cheese, jalepeno, pineapple, shaved almonds and fresh cilantro.  I have to say, I had BIG doubts about it.  The Spiral Tap was awesome, loved it…delicious.  I was a little scared/ponderous on how to approach the other slice.  I gingerly took a bite…and flavors exploded in my mouth!!  Sweet, spicy, cheesy deliciousness.  I have to say that ‘Vegan Angel of Doom’ is my favorite pizza now.  I am going to have to try to recreate it when I get home to FL.  But I am not sure I can find the deliciousness that I had on my own.  I cannot wait to move to Portland and become a Sizzle Pie regular!

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