Sweetpea Baking Company in PDX

Sweetpea Baking Company

Well I was thoroughly excited for vegan brunch at Sweetpea on a Sunday at noon…I saved my appetite JUST for brunch.  I was hungry!!! For some reason the brunch was not available, but there were still plenty of vegan treats to try and yummie sandwiches galore!  I ordered a latte with hazelnut milk, as I had never had hazelnut milk before, and it was delish.  For lunch I got the P. Cole.  It was field roast, daiya cheddar, sliced pickles, onions, tomato,  homemade remoulade on a grilled Panini.  I LOVED it.  It was delicious, especially the remoulade.  I have no idea what that is or was but it was awesome.

My husband and I, and this is a benefit of marriage, each ate a half of one another’s sandwiches so he got the Wilson Brothers, which was thinly sliced roast beef style seitan and grilled onions on their house baked bread served with Au Jus.  Now I am a very salt sensitive person…the au jus was nice but FAR too salty in my opinion.  I had one dip of it then ate the rest of my half without it.  I did really enjoy the sandwich without the Au Jus though!!

Then Mom ordered the Bendishaw which was Fresh basil, vegan mozzarella, and tomatoes with fresh pesto grilled on house made wheat bread.  That I could have also eaten the entire half of.  Their pesto was phenomenal. 

My heart does long for Portland.  And when we move I fully plan on checking out the vegan brunch, until then I will savor the memories!

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