Blossoming Lotus in PDX…take one

Portland food-gazm.  THE BLOSSOMING LOTUS:

Well, I am not sure there is anything more accurate than the statement the seller at Arcane Wines  on 09/15/12’s Portland Farmer’s Market said to me.  She was a gluten free girl, and Portland food enthusiast.  When I told her I was vegan, she asked if we knew of many local places, and I said of course I did my homework!  I rattled off the names of some places, a few which I was very excited about and she told me to skip…and then she said it.  She dropped a bomb on me.   I didn’t know it at the time, but she spoke the words of truth.  She said “Once you have food from The Blossoming Lotus everything else will disappoint you.”  I thought yeah right…how could EVERYTHING else be sub-par?  I have eaten at some GREAT Vegan joints in other states like Karyn’s on Green  in Chicago, IL  and Sublime in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  Both of these were on anniversary trips like this one…where we were gearing up for some awesome vegan food.  Both times we had some AWESOME vegan food.  Well, the first night we were in the neighborhood and starving, so we decided what the heck…we’ll go to Blossoming Lotus

Well, the menu, divine. SO many exciting things to choose from.  SO many.  Vindaloo Masala, BBQ Tempeh Plate, Wok Tossed Tofu & Greens, Live Sampler (cheeses, pizza, falafel  &  kale & wakame salad,) Live Falafel Wrap, etc. 

 We ordered an appetizer of white bean dip.  My hubby picked it and I really didn’t want any, but when I tried it I had to have a carrot with it AND a piece of their rustic bread.  It was AWESOME.  Well I had eyes FAR bigger than my stomach and got the Live Sampler.  It has tahini-cilantro pate (to die for,) almond cheese (divine,) live pizza (delish,) kale-wakame salad (I died and went to heaven…especially the croutons oh my!,) and live falafel served with seasonal fruit & cucumber slices.  DELIGHTFUL.  I ate the pizza, salad & was DONE.  I didn’t have room for anything else lol.  Our awesome server suggested we try the 2010 Crios Cabernet Sauvignon from Argentina, and we were only too obliged to do so.  It was AWESOME. 

My Mom, who is about as far from vegan as you can get, ordered the summer trio which was zucchini & squash salad; potato salad & a corn salsa.  I tried them all and they were awesome!  My husband ordered a Thai Peanut Salad.  It was MASSIVE.  LOL.  Now I hate peanut flavored things.  I LOVE peanut butter and I love peanuts.  But I didn’t like the flavor of the salad with peanut oil.  I know I am weird.  He & my Mom both LOVED it. 

Even though our meals were SO filling.  I took half of mine home, and my hubby took about half of his as well.  We ordered the German Chocolate Brownie a ’la mode.  Oh fantasticness.  It was absolutely wonderful!!!!  Both my husband and Mom declined dessert but they ate more of it than I did…the ice cream tasted just like chocolate soft serve.  SO good. 

So that woman was right in the end…Blossoming Lotus did set a VERY high standard.  We loved it and when we move to Portland, we will be regulars.  Their food was phenomenal.  Every flavor exploded when it hit the palette, pairings were done superbly and the food was top notch. Fresh, flavorful and perfect.  NO complaints other than that they are not located next door to where I currently live.  As a side note…if you are a fan of GrimmThe Lion and the Rose, the B&B used in a season 1 episode is literally about a  block away.  And it is even more beautiful in person!

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