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You’re a WHAT?  Does that mean that you eat cheese?  But you still drink milk right?  You’ll have fish though right?  Those are just some of the awesome comments I have gotten from people who hear that I am vegan for the first time.  My least favorite thing to hear, as it is incendiary to a vegan is “WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR PROTEIN?”  Plants people, plants.  Tofu is packed with protein, Kale, Collards, leafy greens.  The amount of protein most Americans consume is far more than what we actually need.  And plant protein is not loaded with fat like animal protein is.  I truly wish I could just carry DVD’s of Forks Over Knives around with me, and give them out to every person who asks me these questions. 

In fairness, I suppose I would ask the same types of questions since not so long ago, I was a meat eater.  My cholesterol was high for a person under 40 (under 35 still thank you!) and my doctor wanted me to pay attention to my cholesterol, so I stopped eating  ‘so much cheese,’ but I didn’t realize that there was cholesterol in nearly everything I ate.  Eggs, cheese, milk, chicken, etc.  YUCK!  Cholesterol coating my arteries trying to kill me early!  I never knew, until I looked, until I educated myself, how BAD my diet was.

I am not trying to say I am some body builder vegan athlete, but I am healthy.  I am still losing weight, and I still want and need to lose weight, but that is a battle I may fight as long as I live.  But my lab work looks GOOD.  Cholesterol way down, no longer ‘high’ but on the lower range of normal.  And learning how to eat via E2 is helping me to get it even lower. 

I can understand people’s reactions to HOW ARE YOU A VEGAN?!  But what makes me SO sad, is that people aren’t given information.  They don’t go to PCRM and look at how to eat a healthy diet.  They don’t have the multitude of information at their fingertips that vegans DO have.  Because you really need to research how to stay healthy and eat a well-balanced, protein, and vitamin rich diet on a vegan diet.  That is what I love so much about Engine 2, as much as it is truly vegan, with no animal ingredients, they are 100% plant based…so no processed meats, no alcohol, caffeine, etc.  As Rip says, you can still eat BAD on a vegan diet.  And for almost 2 years I did eat badly on a vegan diet, loads of refined sugar, processed foods, junk foods, etc.  Now  I am more conscious to live to eat AND eat to live, and to give my body what it needs, not just what I crave for a weak moment.  There is no point in punishing yourself for not being 100% vegan, or 100% plant based, do the best you can, but research and educate yourself.  Find out what you’re putting into your body and if you’re okay eating meat, then hey, that’s your choice. But if you need some great resources on proper nutrition:

PCRM Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine.  A view from medical professionals across the US on plant based diet. 

PETA (I am NOT a fan or supporter of PETA due to their no-kill and pitbull policies, but they have a wealth of information on their website)

Meatout Monday provides GREAT Monday recipes that are meatless, even once a week makes a difference!

Vegetarian Times also sends you great recipes, travel help, vegetarian and vegan resources

The Vegetarian Resource Group more information than you can shake a stick at!

Engine 2 Diet all about the Engine 2 diet, testimonials, recipes, etc.

Forks Over Knives the film’s website; if you haven’t seen the film start there!

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