Vegan Mofo Yo!

Today is officially the start of Vegan MoFo…i.e. Vegan Month of Food, for Blog-tober.  I am already finding some great new bloggers to follow, one of whom is right in my own corner of the world St. Pete Vegan Food Swap.  Now ‘Vegan Food Swap’ in the title as a vendor at Tampa Bay VegFest on 10/13/12 got my attention.  Yes please to local vegans, and YES please to a Vegan food swap!!!  I am thoroughly interested and committing myself now, via an internet blogging pledge, to partake in the next swap this local group does.

See, neat little things you can find when you go searching out that internet kids! 

I haven’t yet decided if I would head out to VegFest, since I just attended Portland (OR) VegFest on 9/24 and let me tell you people, this was NOT for the faint of heart.  We were FULL on samples.  That’s right, between the ice’cream’ from Vitamix, the Lara Bars, BOLD Organics Pizza, Dave’s Killer Bread, etc.  I was DONE.  But there was a local BBQ place, Homegrown Smoker, we caved in and had to try their ‘pulled pork’ with ‘mac and cheez’ and while I never was a real fan of BBQ, my hubby was and still is…the humane BBQ mind you, I have totally gotten him to stop eating piggies, as they are my favorite former meat, now favorite animal to love and adore and post cute pics of on Pinterest.  So I only had a bite of the sandwich, but I downed that mac n cheez…it was yummers people! 

So vegan or not, if you care about the planet, and want to help educate yourself a little more on vegan food, jump on the bandwagon and start following some awesome Vegan Bloggers!  A few of my favorites are: Quarry Girl & Vegan Heartland.  And my absolute favorite, and a superhero to many, Annie Shannon.  Get down on it people…get blogging and mingling and sharing!

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