Spiral Diner DFW & mcnut burgers

SO…Texas isn’t for vegans they told me.  Food isn’t for vegans when people are ignorant in ordering and preparing.  PERIOD.  So I have 3 wonderful friends and their families who live in Dallas/Fort Worth area.  I was in town for 3 days for client meetings.  Normally, if I don’t know where I can eat I look for 3 types of places: mexican, sushi & mediterranean.  I can almost ALWAYS eat vegan there.  The first night we went to an Italian restaurant in the area we were staying, and they assured me the food was vegan.  Somehow I felt uncomfortable about it, but my co-worker who I traveled with was really not in the mood for discussion on food matters.  SO, I stayed and ate there.  Well, my stomach told me guess what?!  That wasn’t vegan…there was dairy of some sort in it.  NOW I am certain of dairy in products because I end up spending a lot of time in the restroom and have a horribly painful tummy ache.  Anyway…the next morning I at least managed to get up early and head to Starbucks.  I walked to SB & got a vegan coffee at least.  My coordinator at the office was supposed to include a vegan lunch for me…well that ended up being bread, tomato, romaine lettuce and a huge chunk of chicken.  Well, that ended the lunch for me…and I had a luna bar.  Thank GOD for those things…at least I had some food!

That second night I was over the moon since my local friends said we would go to Esparza’s for mexican food.  I had loved it when I visited Dallas many times before and hadn’t been in years!  Well, it was nearing 6:30 before we made the 30 minute drive to meet my friend (two of my friends picked me up…love them!)  And we were all starving.  They picked a place called Spiral Diner instead.  I didn’t really know anything about it, nor did they, they said it was all Meredith’s idea since it was really near their house.  So I could have cared less, I knew it had vegan food and I was ready to eat.

We rolled up to this quaint little building and walked in and I was in love!  Love at first sight!  It was a 50’s feel and lots of ‘retro’ everywhere.  I loved it!  Then Meredith told me that the WHOLE menu was vegan!!!  I was like wait WHAT?!!!!  So first we got our drinks, and I got the agave limeade…which I am absolutely HOOKED on now.  Haven’t found any as good since Spiral Diner, but I am still searching.  And going to try my own soon.  So onto the menu I could have honestly eaten everything because I was SO hungry.  But I was drawn to the ‘Breakfast all day’ section and drooling right away.  I caved in and had the breakfast quesidilla.  We had hummus & pita appetizer and when my food arrived I was like a rabid dog to a squirrel.  I devoured my quesidilla delicately, enjoying the flavor and taste and texture of all the veggies and food and cheese.  Oh heavenly!!!  Absolutely everything was SO good. 

Spiral Diner I profess my love to you!!!  Come to St. Petersburg, FL!!!  We need you here!  I need you here!

Sorry I didn’t get food pics…I was too hungry 😉  Next time!

And does anyone know what a mcnut burger is??

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