SO…my new favorite place to eat out: Meze 119 in downtown St. Petersburg.  We kept meaning to have brunch at Meze, but kept missing it.  Well one Saturday morning we got up super early and finally said okay, let’s roll.  Headed to Meze & well, they said Sunday is brunch.  I wanted to cry.  Well, that was okay, because I love their dinner/lunch menu anyway so we stayed and I enjoyed something new!  I had a curried chikk’n salad sandwich.  Yummies.  So much flavor and texture and color.  And you could never imagine that it was vegan with so much meaty taste and the flavorful curry!  Everything at Meze, every single time, has always been fresh and flavorful.  So curried chikk’n salad was excellent.  And had to have my T’zips on the side since I LOVE their thick cut fries, which are lightly seasoned with fresh herbs and a touch of salt.

We actually came back the very next day for Sunday brunch and I tried the Belgian Waffles with berry compote.  TO die for.  I am very very picky with anything sweet…because you can totally overdo the sweetness in the compote AND in the powdered sugar topping.  Both were done perfectly.  The berry compote did not taste like any sugar was added, and I appreciated that since I really find most things over sweet now.  The powdered sugar was not over done either.  Just a light dusting.  And again, had to get some T’Zips on the side.  YUMMERS!  My hubby actually got the Tofu scramble with smoky tempeh bacon and T’Zips…I thought it was pretty awesome too but would need to try a full meal of it the following week so that I could weigh in.

So the following week, and every weekend since (barring the 24th of June…thanks to Tropical Storm Debby) we have been back for Sunday brunch.  I get the Tofu Scramble with a bloody mary with LOTS of hot sauce and we share a side of T’Zips.  This is now our Sunday tradition: get up early, go exercise, grab a quick shower and head to Meze for Sunday Brunch at 11am.  I don’t feel guilty at all for indulging in a bloody mary at 11am…it’s Sunday and I enjoy the meal, and then relax the rest of the day!

Meze 119 is a MUST for anyone who enjoys Mediterranean food and a carnivore could find a delicious meal there just as easily!

Enjoy the photos, they do the food no justice!  (and did I mention the prices are GREAT?!  You get a lot of food for a small price tag!)

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