Saturday Slam!

SO…Saturday morning we open the fridge and to my dismay…not a lot of options.  But we’re SO hungry.  My hubby said we needed to eat the Seitan we had made (see my DIY Seitan post for yummie and easy Seitan) so I was trying to think of what we could do.   I saw some leftover Louisiana Wing Sauce & decided I can cook the seitan in that, for added flavor and heat (spice) and then determined that I should grab some kidney beans and toss it in there as well.  So while I was grabbing my ingredients, my hubby pulled out some hash browns, added some paprika, cayenne and garlic salt as well as some fresh garlic and got to work.  The hash browns always take longer, so after they were starting to crisp up (I like things VERY crispy,) I tossed the seitan on.  I cut it in tablespoon sized pieces and threw it in my cast iron skillet.  Then I tossed about 4 tablespoons of Loiusiana Wing Sauce on it and let that cook for a bit, and threw in the kidney beans (I only use 365 brand, no salt added, canned beans if I use canned, which I did) and heated them for a brief moment and voila!  Tasty and not too bad calorically, but super filling, protein rich VEGAN breakfast.  So if you’re in a pinch for a delightful meal…whip this up!

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