Stuffed Shells…VEGAN!

Okay, so one afternoon hubby and I were absolutely starving and couldn’t agree on anything, so we decided to head to our local smaller version of Whole Foods.  (I am not mentioning their name because it’s truly a last resort as they are rude, difficult to deal with and slow slow slow…its the opposite of Whole Foods in every way.)  Anywho…hubby got his brown rice sushi and I headed to the frozen section.  Not sure what I ended up with that night, but I decided to grab some Rising Moon Organics ravioli as they make some killer vegan raviolis.  I also LOVE that they label very clearly, with the pretty ‘V’ in a heart on the front of their packages.  This saves me time, and disappointment in shopping.

So, as I was grabbing this, I saw ‘Organic Stuffed Shells: Made with Organic “Primacotta” Soy Ricotta  & Organic Pasta.’  Well let me just say that when I saw the happy pretty little ‘V’ in a heart on the front I snatched that bad boy up.  My hopes were very high, especially since I had not delighted in any kind of ricotta or stuffed shells with ‘cheesy-ness’ since prior to being vegan.  I was super excited, and though they were a bit pricey, I think it was $5.99 and it’s pretty much just a microwave meal, I couldn’t wait to endeavor on these.

One day I was running late for work, days later, and had totally forgotten about my shells.  I grabbed them, along with a Whole Foods Whole Wheat Mini-Pita, and I headed to work.  By lunch time, I was not only hungry, I was anticipating my stuffed shells.  I had serious doubts that the texture, flavor and general truly deliciousness of non-vegan stuffed shells could be replicated.  People…Rising Moon Organics did it.  Oh yeah they did.  Not only was the texture spot on, the flavor was so incredible.  I honestly don’t care if they are $10 each I am having this once a month.  It is SO good.  And the sauce that comes with it, delish.  I am SUPER picky about tomato based sauces, and pasta sauces, because my Mom made THE best sauce and I always felt like any microwave meals or restaurants always disappointed compared.  This did not.  The flavor was fresh and without some chemical aftertaste.  It is more than worthwhile, I am telling you NOW go find this stuff.  Go try out the brand.  I have had everything vegan of theirs that I can find, and it’s all been well worth it!

Now if you’re a skeptic, I encourage you even moreso…go…now…find you some of these shells.  Just look at them.  Oh they are GOOD!

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