The Clements’ breakfast wonder scramble

Let me first begin by saying I have a wonderful and passionate romance with Kale.  We are buds.  High up on the ANDI scale, tasty, so many ways to eat it, so wonderful wonderful Kale…

Oh sorry, I got sidetracked.  Right, Kale.  So I found this recipe via Pinterest and it was for Kale butter…it looked easy enough to do and we were getting on the Engine 2 Diet so I needed a plant based, oil free butter substitute.  When I saw kale butter…I said, that’s for me.  Yes sir.  So I went to the website and followed along, roughly, to the recipe.  Now she used a ‘bunch’ of kale…I think I may have used about 3…then I added (of course) Louisiana Hot Sauce, additional crushed red pepper, a bit of nutritional yeast…and more water and walnuts than she did.  So essentially I really didn’t follow the recipe much except to get a sense of what was in it.  Something like this I have to taste and have the texture I want.  SO…kale butter was made.  And boy did I love it.  Instead of a few servings though, I had at least 2 pounds.  So…I was putting it on everything.   This particular Saturday morning I was itching for a yummie breakfast scramble, but I didn’t want the same old same old Tofu scramble.

So…I decided to kind of throw in left overs of whatever I found in the fridge.  We had some left over black beans from the Black Bean Burgers, some Gimme Lean sausage that needed eaten, a small amount of tofu and I got to work.  I basically threw it all on in to my lovely and wonderous cast iron skillet.  Added some crushed red pepper, Louisiana hot sauce and then popped two slices of my dear Ezekial Food for Life bread in the toaster, topped those two bad boys with some kale butter and had me an open faced breakfast scramble.  BOY did it taste good.  And when I input all the nutritional info into my loseit app it was also really healthy and low cal!  So, see below, drool away and get to cooking.  I am guessing you can use any combo of beans and seasoning that you prefer.  I tell you, it’s delish.  And filling!  Enjoy!


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