So my absentee father, who I hadn’t seen in over 5 years, decided to grace me and my hubby for dinner.  He, along with a lot of other uneducated people, made the comment of ‘so what do you eat?!’ Oh, we eat yummie food…and we won’t die of heart disease because of cholesterol and nonsense in our food.  But oh, I digress.  We decided to be flashy and try the Meet the Shannons Beef(less) Stew with herbed dumplings.  I was craving a meaty delicacy, and since I only do cruelty free, we settled on this delish stew.  It was a lot of work.  And I mean a lot.  I don’t consider an hour of prep and cooking a lot of work…but it was.  Hot kitchen 2 cooks…not enough red wine.  But man oh man was the end result delish.  I haven’t eaten anything yet from Meet the Shannons that I haven’t liked.  Betty Crocker aint got nothing on Annie Shannon.  To take this meat focused recipe and make it vegan, and taste AMAZING I applaud her.

If you want to impress some meat eating friends, I highly suggest the Beef(less) Stew with herbed dumplings.  No one can snub you for this.  It’s just awesome.  And I know that meat eater or vegan you’ll have a satisfied crowd.  It’s worth the work and the wait!  Photos below folks.

oh's that good and then some

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