Okay, so my love of kale runs deep.  So does my love of Annie Shannon.  The woman is a vegan icon.  She and Sarah Kramer have made my vegan life a snap.  They know their food and they love to cook.  And they share with us.  It’s true love people.  So, my life is a bit upside down…between a dying grandma, a stressed out Mom, being pulled in a million and one directions…I need good food and good wine.  My Mom, a definite non-vegan, needs it too.  So we invited her over for a Friday night feast.  Beef(less) Bordelasie with rosemary potatoes.  Now people…the damn potatoes took a million years.  Suggestion, because our oven SUCKS at our rental house, is to boil the potatoes for 20 minutes until they are fork tender.  THEN head on over to the roasting.  I know it’s an extra pot to wash, and more clean up, and 20 more minutes of cooking.  But it’s SO worth it.  Because our sucky oven took over an hour to cook the darn potatoes.  ARGH!  Thankfully red wine saved the day and Mom and I more than indulged on some wine, crackers and garlic hummus to fill our bellies.  So, do the prep, cook your potatoes first and then seriously just prep the rosemary potatoes with the seasoning, etc. and set them aside while you create this magnificent feast!

The Beef(less) bordelaise was not just worth it…it was so worth it.  It was worth it to the extent that I almost felt like I was a patron in the (cheesy, I know…but I still love it) movie Simply Irresistible with Sarah Michelle Gellar (Prinze.) Don’t hate me because I love love love cheesy chick flicks.  Please.  But there is a scene where she has just cooked a magnificent meal and the guests, as they eat are floating…literally.  It was that kind of out of body amazing experience.  Now, my other suggestion in cooking this is to use a sweeter red wine.  If you can find a sweet (very lightly sweet…not moscato sweet) red wine, and use this…you may actually die and come back to life the food will be so good.  I’m not being dramatic…make sure you’re safely seated upon eating this meal.  We enjoyed it greatly.  Nothing will take you back to your carnivorous nature much like a meal like this.   And your tummy can rest in knowing it hasn’t harmed anything living.  Ahhhhh…enjoy the meal and the red wine you find to accompany!

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