Valentine’s day at the Clements’

So Valentine’s Day I wasn’t feeling particularly energized to cook, as I wanted to.  But nevertheless, I was really excited about another Pinterest recipe I had found which was called Seitan Roulade with sage and sweet onion stuffing.  As per usual Clements manner…we didn’t have bakers twine so we used yarn instead…lol.  My craftiness mixed in with my love of cooking.  HA HA!  So…I did have enough sense to pre-cook the potatoes so at least they didn’t take too long.  But this was a labor of love.  Love my pun on words…for Valentine’s Day…a labor of love…get it?!  Oh I am a funny one.

So we whipped up this dish in just over an hour, and we savored it.  Oh did we ever savor it.  The sage flavor was just to die for.  And the stuffing was so good we seriously could have eaten it as its own meal.  Now this was our first big non-E2 dinner since January…and the oil definitely hit our guts because it’s pretty butter/oil laden but I would do it all again because the flavor and taste are so so good.  This recipe came from another vegan blogger Olives for Dinner who I am now following and loving her taste in food and inventiveness as well.  We did the seitan with the stuffing as the main, and then had the rosemary potatoes and mixed veggies on the side.  Absolutely to die for people.  Make it, just do it.  The photos don’t do it justice, but I am having my mouth water just thinking of the experience right now.  Oh happy day.  Happy Valentine’s Day right?!  We found a new love…and that was the sage and onion stuffing…oh yum.  Enjoy the photos and go make this recipe!

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