Black Bean Burgers…and they ARE to die for

my pimped out black bean burgerI will start this post by saying these are the fastest, easiest vegan burgers you will ever make.  For pete’s sake the Happy Herbivore made these in a hotel room using ingredients only from the hotel!  So we eat these often now.  Because they are quick, easy, hearty and healthy.  Oh, and did I mention they’re only 109 calories each…yeah.  So basically amazing.  The first one I ate 1 burger on an Ezekial brand bun, topped with red onion, Koop’s horseradish mustard, 365 Organic Ketchup, avocado, sunflower sprouts and plenty of Louisiana Hot Sauce.  Holy filling and really really tasty.  Something weird to me was this: when I was a carnivore, I loved my meat (red) bloody and nearly alive still.  Thinking about it now is somewhat nauseating, but I liked it rare…the rarer the better.

Well something amazing happens when I put this burger onto a bun, topped as listed above…the hot sauce gives it the red color like a ‘bloody burger’ and the texture is darn near a rare burger…and then my twisted mind makes me feel like I am eating one.  Except my happy heart knows it’s not that of a living being, but that of a bean 🙂  That makes me smile.  So ladies and gents, go cook yourself up a wonderful Black Bean Burger courtesy of the lovely Happy Herbivore.  Just click on the link and you will find a wonderous burger recipe…and check out the rest of her recipes.  They are the pretty darn great!

Again…drool worthy photos below!

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