Breakfast Bake

Okay folks…so before we got on the healthy-ful kick we’re currently on, we decided to indulge.  My favorite vegan blogger Annie Shannon over at Meet the Shannons provides us with constant yum.  We found this wonderful Breakfast Bake recipe and it enticed us to eat this on New Years day.  And boy did it NOT disappoint.  Now we substituted out some things, like we used actual hash browns instead of grating out a potato (less work,) and we never use the liquid smoke because it changes the flavor so much and it’s not our go to ingredient.  Instead of green pepper, we had several mini peppers in red, yellow and orange to eat, and I prefer them as they are actually a bit sweeter.  And we definitely used more nutritional yeast…and then my go to ingredient, is ALWAYS Louisiana Hot Sauce on top of everything.  Gosh do I love that stuff.

I am not going to put the recipe below, as I linked it above, and it is quite long.  It’s worth the prep and well worth the wait.  It’s satisfying, not too calorie dense and loaded with protein and flavor!  Eat up people, it’s the perfect Sunday morning treat, or a great Christmas morning or Boxing Day, or New Years Day treat.  It will not disappoint.  Photos below for your drooling pleasure!

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