I have had the delight of eating Lettuce Eat Healthy’s special sausage biscuits and gravy with a tofu scramble for a vegan meetup back in September, but I had not yet ventured out to the food cart, as I am not much of a downtown Friday night gal.  I had heard and read of the rave reviews of the sausage and Philly cheesesteak that Jim does.  So, for a special occasion, we went out on First Friday for December 2011.  We ended up walking back via the direction that the Witch and the Ale is located, so we dropped in and saw that Jim was there with his cart.

I was thrilled to finally get the chance to try this cheesesteak!  My husband and I shared it, and neither of us were actually so impressed that we couldn’t believe it.  It did taste ‘meaty’ but it was lathered in onions and peppers and I didn’t get much of a taste for the cheese, or the actual flavor of the meat.  Since we were still hungry, and feeling pretty disappointed, we got a hot dog to share as well.  We absolutely loved the hot dog.  It is probably one of the best vegan dogs I have had, and it hit the spot.  I’ve been pretty disappointed by Lettuce Eat Healthy on a whole though, with their spotty downtown hours (we’ve gone 3 times on lunch breaks and they haven’t been there once,) and them running out of food when we’ve actually made it, then with the food quality not quite living up to the word of mouth I had heard.

Jim is a great guy and super personable and kind.  The breakfast that he did at the meetup was absolutely one of a kind and I have never had such amazing sausage biscuits and gravy as I had that morning.  But as for the cart as a whole…I’d rather buy some Field Roast Italian Sausage from Whole Foods and cook that up.  It’s cheaper, guaranteed to be in my freezer when I want it, and I can add my own ingredients to top.  I’m glad I finally tried it, but I won’t be back.

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