Amy’s Kitchen…goddess to all us vegans!

First of all, I cannot even imagine life without Amy’s Kitchen.  I have nothing but praise for them.  I was prompted to write this post after going back through emails, cleaning out for 2012 forward, and found an email I sent to Amy’s thanking them for their delish vegan meals.  This email was from June 2010.  Amy’s replied within days, and told me to send them my address and they’d be more than happy to send me some coupons.  Well…I never did.  SO…on December 23rd, 2011 I replied…a year and a half later.  LOL.  By December 30th, I received coupons from Amy’s Kitchen.  First of all…WHOA…awesome customer satisfaction and service!  I wanted to thank them in my original email, and they thanked me for my thanks with coupons!  YAY!

Now, back to more praises…but this time food related.  When I first became a vegan, I began to deal with the most fun task of in depth label reading.  There are some foods which put a cute vegan logo on them, or brands which I know are vegan, but Amy’s doesn’t do just vegan foods.   However, they list ‘VEGAN’ in caps at the START of their ingredient list on every product which is vegan.  That is a huge time saver, and I personally really appreciate their consideration in their packaging.  So that is just one thing to LOVE about Amy’s Kitchen as a vegan.  (*They label as ‘true’ vegan which does not list a product with honey as a vegan item.)

Another newly vegan debacle that I encountered was pizza.  I was crushed because I absolutely loved pizza…and now what?!  Well, Amy’s to the rescue!  They make a Roasted Vegetable pizza which is absolutely TO DIE FOR.  Vegan or not, I would call this my very favorite pizza.   You can of course dump some Daiya on if you need cheese…but I just throw on a touch of Galaxy Nutritional Foods’ vegan parmesan and some crushed red pepper and I am in pizza heaven.  Best of all, Target (who hasn’t seemed to catch on to Whole Foods’ and Publix’s ridiculous prices on Amy’s items) sells these amazing pizza’s for $5.79 each in the frozen section.  In fact, Target has THE best prices on all of Amy’s frozen foods.

I lead a busy life, and in that busy life, sometimes lunch doesn’t get made for the next day…or I don’t have time to run out from work to get myself lunch.  SO…I buy Amy’s microwave meals.  I always have at least one Tofu Scramble on hand, in case I don’t have time to make breakfast either, then I have a power packet breakfast which is quick and delish.  And I always take at least one to work with me to leave in the freezer in case of emergency.  My current favorites are the Vegetable Korma and Veggie Loaf.

As if ALL of these things aren’t enough reasons to love Amy’s let me tell you even more!  When I am sick, I am a total comfort food girl.  I had a horrid cold just a few weeks ago, and Amy’s No Chicken Noodle soup soothed my throat and my soul.  It’s absolutely delish and cruelty free J  She’s got soups, pasta sauces, frozen foods and can meet all of your vegan in a hurry needs.  No matter where you are, it’s quick and easy to grab Amy’s cuisine!

I highly recommend stocking up on soups and frozen foods for the coming winter.  And let Amy’s know how much you appreciate them helping you be a vegan a little bit easier by writing them an email.  You never know…maybe you’ll get loads of coupons too!

Below I scanned in what they sent me with my coupons, which just shows, in my opinion, how dedicated they are to their food, their ingredients, and their consumers.  They sent me a detailed list of every single item they offer and listed it by vegan, gluten free, dairy free, etc.  They sure are one fantastic company.  Thank you Amy’s Kitchen for being amazing!

Amy’s Kitchen Flyer

Amy’s Kitchen Dietary Information

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