Cream Cheese Brownie Pie

Cream Cheese Brownie PieBy now you all know that is one of the best vegan resources out there.  I was looking for a fun and different dessert to try, while having a massive chocolate craving…and stumbled upon the recipe for the Cream Cheese Brownie pie.  When I saw what it looked like I wanted to jump into the website and devour it!  So, again, I followed AJ’s careful directions and ended up with one sweet brownie pie.  We ended up taking this to my Aunt’s home to share for my cousin Alexa’s going away party.  There ended up being one piece left…It’s truly just THAT good people.  The brownie was moist and light and the cream cheese layer on top was absolutely sinful.

It’s truly one of the easiest desserts to make, since most vegan baking experiments take me the better part of an afternoon and this was about 30-45 mins prep time and 45-50 for baking.

I was the only true vegan eating this brownie pie, and the audience of meat eaters received it and devoured it well.  So head on over, once again…to and get baking people!  I loved this pie and so will you!  There sure is nothing about it that TASTES LIKE VEGAN at all J

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