Pizza Fusion Review

October 8th, 2011 my husband and I decided to grab a quick pizza from Pizza Fusion as they offer quite a good vegan selection of pizza.  I got the Ultimate Vegan pizza on whole wheat which had: roasted garlic, onion, portabella mushrooms and Daiya mozzarella.  Dave got the Farmer’s Market Pizza on whole wheat which had: zucchini, artichoke, crimini mushrooms, onions, and Daiya mozzarella.  The pizza was good, but it was not as good as Sublime and not nearly as good as Gourmet Pizza Company in Tampa.  I don’t have much to say about this experience, I did like that you could get a small sized pizza and the entire pizza was under 400 calories.  But it was a bit greasy, which I really disliked, and the crust had a funky aftertaste to it.  Something sweet in it and I couldn’t quite place it.  I would definitely try it again, but I might have regular crust instead.

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