Review of Green Wave Cafe

October 8th 2011 our vegan food experience in Fort Lauderdale continued.  We made our way to Green Wave Organic Café for lunch.  I ordered the cheeseburger and Dave ordered the open-faced hummus sandwich.  We both started off with some tomato pizza flavored soup.  It was wonderful.  It was a lovely and very flavorful.  We both preferred one another’s meals to the one we ordered.  I liked the cheeseburger, but the vegetables on the open-faced hummus sandwich were so fresh and flavorful that I was in love!  I also tried some new tea and had a Blueberry Lemon Tea for lunch.  It was an absolutely delightful place, very clean and bright inside.  And the family that runs it and served us was wonderful.  The prices were great, they had a nice selection and everything was presented so beautifully.  The other thing I liked was that they offered a pretty large selection, for the small size the café itself is, of natural foods and supplements to purchase.  I would definitely head to Green Wave Café again, as it was time and money well spent.  And there was far more lovely food we have yet to try on the menu!

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